Friday, April 5, 2013

The Plea

Image by Vitaly Samarin Alexius
Release me from this burden 
So loathsome
That I wearily carry.
Across lands so unwholesome –
I am frightened badly, as I tarry.

Undo the punishment imposed upon me.
Forgive me of all of my crimes.
Open the minds door and set me free.
For I have served more than my time.

Exiled between walls of pure energy and
Guarded by creatures from deep below Hell.
Alone and forgotten without empathy.
I crouch in the corner in my prison cell.

My crimes are not so terrible
No murder did I commit
Yet my sentence is much too unbearable.
Such atrocities upon my soul my keepers permit.

With psychic waves they torture the mind,
With absence of feeling they starve the soul.
They take pleasure in the sufferance of my kind.
I lie in a Hell so cold.

I told no wicked lies.
I never hurt anyone.
Yet I was condemned to die…
I was sacrificed to the sun.

The sun took its toll.
My flesh withered away.
I exist as a consciousness within my soul.
I am forever a slave…  I cannot wander astray.

My crimes were considered great.
By those who profess humanity.
Through drugs and dreams,
I have opened the gate.
I have crossed on through to insanity.

© R. A. Barbere

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