Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Ice is Melting in the Antarctic and That Is A Good Thing!

While the scientist may find it alarming that ice shelves are melting at the bottom of the world, I find it refreshing.  Sure, many coastal cities will be lost in this process, however, we all knew this was coming. 

Don't look at me with that deer in the headlights gaze. You saw this a more than a decade ago. Climate deniers say that climate change is happening but at such a slow rate that it couldn't possibly be caused by humans and our vast industrial way of life. It must be the volcanos or other stuff that they (the climate deniers) refuse to mention. Nevermind the hole in the ozone layer right above Antartica. But that's okay, we deserve what we are getting. Hell, we clamoured for it, we begged for it. Me, I live in Arizona. I hear it is going to be 110 degrees today. But at least, it's a dry heat. However, what people don't mention (if you aren't talking to a full-time resident of Arizona - not those Snow Birds who flee the heat in March) is that there is a thing in the Arizona desert called "monsoons." Torrential rains that come in the late afternoons with thunder and lightning and maybe some sheets in little pockets around the state. Welcome for an hour or two, but like your in-laws, sometimes they overstay their welcome. It gets hot and humid and you might just get washed away while trying to cross the street. Or, if you live in Tucson your house might just flood. Good luck with that. I am looking forward to a nice trip down to the bottom of the world where the temperature might be a bit chilly but at least it will be dry. No ice sheets, no frozen tundra like up in Canada. Oh yeah, I hear that there is a crap load of methane ready to be released into our atmosphere when the tundra thaws. Good job humans! What I want to see for myself is the ancient ruins of early civilizations that lived before the world tilted to it's current 23 and something degree axis. I want to explore the ruined temples of the Elder gods, see the cyclopean structures that confound the mind, look into the vast emptiness of the abyss that has been covered for many a millennium and see who stares back. I want to go where the Hollow Earthers say Hitler and his like have been hiding out since WWII.
While I mourn for my hometown on the West Coast and the whole California coastline, they knew they were on shaky ground. Too busy looking in the mirror deciding where they want to dine tonight or worry about who is going to offend them next. The same goes for the East coast. Goodbye Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston, Charleston and Long Island. I can picture a tour boat just outside the flooded Manhattan skyline showing tourists the tops of the skyscrapers and be rounding the tip of Liberty's torch as if it was the tip of an iceberg.
Don't think I will mourn for those who refused to evacuate, I will. However, when dealing with human beings there will always be a percentage of them who just do stupid. It is programmed into our DNA. Just like this climate change thing. We know from science (the thing we use to explain nature without invoking a higher being when we just can't figure something out) says that without the ozone layer, all life on Earth would not exist. On the other hand, too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Just think of alcohol, ice cream, or even cheese. Of course, there are plenty of those people -- you know who I am talking about -- who stick to their old fashion almost radical (in today's way of thinking) that things were better back then. I remember the past, it was old and dark and a pretty depressing place without my cell phone Women knew their place in society, people not like us were not quite as good as we were (or so we thought), and who needed safety regulations - damn the government for interfering in my right to have my body hurled out through my car's windshield and into the closest tree. Who needs regulations? Why keep industrial plants from dumping their chemical waste into our rivers and lakes? Poor Iron Eyes Cody. I am sure he is turning in his grave.

Who the hell is Iron Eyes Cody? 

As the great Old Ones awake from their slumber down below as their sheets of ice melt away, plagues quarantined from mankind below the ice's surface will also awake and be let out of their frozen environment like Pandora's box of old. Don't worry, climate change is just a theory!