Monday, June 7, 2021

Today we are taking a look at an ancient alien race that has visited Earth over 5000 years ago, and during this time, they have been the guardians of this world. In their own Divine language, the word guardian can be translated as Mondoshawan.  Yes, that's right, we are going back to visit the world of the Fifth Element and explore these ancient creatures.

I tend to support the artists on Etsy. While looking around, I found a couple of items that would go very nicely with my Fifth Element shrine/display.  I found one item from 3DMirrorArt,

Now Austris, the same artist that created my Five Element stones, created something special. And another who created a replica key to the secret chamber in the Egyptian temple of the Fifth Element.

In the Fifth Element, the Mondoshawan are a race of aliens that are friendly to humans. They are a bit taller than humans, roughly 7 to 8 ft tall. The Mondoshawan are semi-biblical beings that serve as the caretakers of both the Four Elemental Stones (Water, Earth, Fire, Air) and the Fifth Element guardians. Although little is known of their homeworld or race, it can be assumed that it is some distance from Earth, remaining relatively secluded from the other races. We don't know much of what the Mondoshawan actually look like, as they are only seen wearing impenetrable golden armor. But we believe that they are a peaceful and ancient sapient race that appears to be similar in anatomical structure to grounded avians.

At some point in Ancient History, the Mondoshawan visited the Humans "before time was time."

And established a priestly order to protect the Fifth Element and the Chamber in Egypt.

A Dark Force or Evil attempted to destroy the world 5 millennia before 1914, the first time we are introduced to Mondoshawan in pre-World War 1 Egypt.  Some say that dark forces attacked Earth, possibly causing the Moon to form around Earth.

Evil is an apparently sentient and sapient living planetoid supposedly indestructible, which seeks to destroy all life, starting with Earth's. To this end -- the Mondoshawans seek to destroy this evil, stating that "time is not important, only life is important."

Near the Fifth Element, a Mondoshawan ship visits Earth, specifically the Chamber in Egypt. Upon arriving, the ship's crew were greeted by the current Priest who ensured them that the stones and Fifth Element were safe, despite an archaeologist and his apprentice investigating the chamber.

The Mondoshawans render the archaeologist unconscious and then extract the stones and Fifth Element inside the secret chamber.

When the priest asked why the Mondoshawan were taking Earth's only defense against Evil, the Leader, distinguished by the large spikes on his armor,  replied, "War is coming, stones not safe on Earth anymore." Unfortunately, he was shot at by the bewildered apprentice played by Jason Priestly and was sealed in the chamber, but not before passing the Key to the Priest with the command "Pass the knowledge to the next priest as it was passed on to you." The Mondoshawan then left Earth, returning 300 years later.

In the year 2214 the Mondoshawan returned with the Fifth Element as promised, they made their way back to Earth as the Great Evil returned. Unfortunately, Mangalores hired by Zorg shot down the Mondoshawan's ship as it passed Jupiter in a vicious attack that left only one survivor, the Fifth Element who was later retrieved by Human Scouts and reanimated back in the modern city of New York, Earth.

Although only the Mondoshawan accompanying the Fifth Element and Elemental Stones were seen, it is assumed there are other Mondoshawan. The Mondoshawan are also excellent strategists and back-up planners.

Although they failed to safely deliver the Fifth Element to Earth themselves, they did separate the Fifth Element from the Elemental Stones, preventing the loss of them all.

So, to start off with we have from Rbreplicas Store on Etsy. Russel Brown crafted this replica prop out of brass for the key and aluminum for the stand. It was and is part machined and laser cut from solid brass,

The key is 5 and three-quarters inches long which is 14.6 cm. AND is one and a half inches wide which is 3.81 cm

Rbreplicas has many machined parts from Star Wars, Andromeda Strain, Batman, James Bond, The Avengers, and other films. I enjoyed this piece and I will leave a link in the description

Now, this big box contains my Ancient Alien.

I felt as a science fiction film lover, and The Fifth Element being one of my favorite films I thought the character of the Mondoshawan is easily recognized by anyone who has seen the film. As I mentioned, this is the second item that I purchased from Austris and his prop store on Etsy 3DMirrorArt in Latvia. Now as his shop is in Europe, it does take about a month to arrive.

Now, the Mondoshawan is made out of PLA plastic, finished with acrylic paint with a coat of varnish

It stands just under 9 inches which is 20 cm tall and is 5 and a quarter wide which is 13.4 cm and a tad under 4 inches thick which is 10 centimeters.

So here they are. What do YOU think of my little fella and the key to the secret chamber? I feel that having something like this to adorn my shelf in front of the element stones would make a great display. Or should I have a separate shelf for these two movie items?

let me know in the comments.  Also, make sure you share your thoughts about these two prop pieces