Saturday, April 13, 2013

In the Dark

Sightless fear 
Coming near
In the wall
In the dark.

Softly padding,
Moments adding,
Clock is ticking,
Bedclothes sticking.

Coming closer.
In the room,
In the dark.

Lights go on,
Nothing seen.
Nothing heard;
Bad dream.

On the wall,
Dark and small,
Crawling down
Without a sound.

Waiting for you
By your bed,
In the dark.

Rayless figure
Crouching there
Above your bed;
Blood red stare.

Wind rustles,
Covers bustle,
Air is cold;
In sleeps hold.
 Gray and furry -
Diseased worry.
By your bed
No warnings said.

Nibble and tear
He starts to eat;
In the dark.

© 2011 By R. A. Barbere

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