Monday, April 8, 2013

Dream Forever

Look High!  Look Low!
Your mind is beginning to fry,
The world is moving way too slow.

The faces in the wall are coming alive.
The lights have a musical intensity.
Your senses are gone, and numbness has arrived.
The proportions have taken on
Great Immensity.

Time is moving way to fast,
Reactions are way too slow.
Surrounded by dreams of the past
In this psychedelic show…

The clouds go rushing by -
As quietly as they came.
The fire in your head won’t die
Nothing remains the same.

The rains fall,
Endlessly hot.
Burning through the walls
Causing flesh to rot.

Walking proud in the night.
In a burial shroud of the purest white.
Walking heavily upon the sand.
Leaving no traces on the land.

Over open burial mounds…
Where quiet whispers sound.
Through they scream inside
You dive in and try to hide.
Clutched in their fetid embrace
You stare into their decaying face.

Awaking anew,
Under the moonless haze.
Wet with morning dew.
Ready to greet a new phase.

Out of the ground you climb.
Out of the cemetery plot.
With a hunger you wish to dine.
On the sleeping before the rot.

Morality reminds you.
Of who you are.
Now born anew
Under the unblinking star.
You must not return to the days of old
A new life you must learn,
In a new world to hold.

The days go by; the world turns
Your senses sigh as your brain burns.
The lights spin around,
The night dims in the forest abound.
You shamble into dawn,
Your feelings are all gone.
Across a grassy plain
As the night continues to wane.

Eyeless sockets deftly stare
Into the invisible creatures fair.

White shroud now soiled
With brain completely boiled.
You look past the impossible,
You join the cast of the improbable.

Staring into a void less maze.
Remembering those painless days,
When the world you could feel
And the colors were not too real.

Sleep, beautiful slumbers
Sweet restorer.
You envy those who sleep forever.
Nightmares,  beautiful dreamers
Wicked destroyer.
You wish you could dream forever.

© By R. A. Barbere

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