Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Lone Ranger Trailer

"Horse says you are a spirit walker. A man who's been to the other side and returned. A man who cannot be killed in battle." ~ Tonto

I grew up watching reruns of the "Lone Ranger" as a kid. Back and white just like the good guys and villains  you knew that Clayton Moore, as the masked Ranger and his trusty companion, Tonto would save the day. In the TV show Jay Silverheels, had an important, yet subservient role in the show.  No matter how much of a mess "The Lone Ranger" would get into, Tonto would be there for his kemo sabe. 

the Lone Ranger - Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer
Depp and Hammer in The Lone Ranger.

In 1981 director William A. Fraker had a go at reviving this western classic. It failed miserably.
"The Legend of the Lone Ranger" didn't do much for it's star Klinton Spilsbury. In fact Spilsbury only has one film credit to his name, a that was it.  

Disney Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer have gotten together with producer director Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Caribbean fame to reboot the western classic. With Armie Hammer ("The Social Network") as John Reid aka "The Lone Ranger," and Johnny Depp as Tonto. In the film version, Tont take a more prominent role in this action adventure. 

"The Lone Ranger " is scheduled for release on July 3rd 2013


Movie Data

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Western
Year:  2013
Staring: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Helena Bonham Carter
Director: Gore Verbinski
Producer(s): Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski
Writer: Justin Haythe, Ted Elliott
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 149 minutes
Release Date: 7/23/2013

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