Monday, May 4, 2020

Welcome - A Constantly Racing Mind Youtube Channel

Lately, I have been deep in contemplation. you know, the usual things. Life, Death, Immortality. I haven't posted a review in quite a while yet my mind is constantly thinking about films, books, movies, and TV props, and costumes. I have been watching a lot of Great Courses.  As I was watching I starting thinking about some of the props from historical movies. Or movies somewhat based on historical films.

Talking it over with my wonderful wife, we decided that I would start a Youtube channel.  A Constantly Racing Mind explores the history and philosophy behind films.  We explore props, the storylines, the costumes, and how they relate to us with an eye on history, literature, the media, and current events.

I will still post to this platform as I really want to go more in-depth in many of the subjects covered

And... As this is May the Fourth, Here is a link to the video.

Take care,
Stay safe,
and Happy May the 4th!

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