Monday, May 11, 2020

Han Solo Vest Unboxing - Todd's Costumes

As a young teen in 1977, I saw "Star Wars" (now called "Episode IV: A New Hope"), and as I have written before, it changed the way I saw my life. As a kid,  my passions gravitated towards the filmmaking process.  I loved the characters and could understand the archetypes that they represented.

Much later in life, I decided I wanted to revisit my youth and my passion for film.  I wrote reviews of movies that I saw, and as always, life happens. The Star Wars Costumes that I desired were usually quite bulky and hot.  I live in the desert, and when we do have comic cons or film fests, I decided I did not want to sweat for hours and not really enjoy the convention.  So I decided I want to wear something a bit more comfortable.

So recently, I decided it was time to start creating or assembly costumes that are more comfortable but yet very recognizable to everyone attending.

I have chosen the Han Solo "look," and I was able to get a sharp-looking vest (shirt is on its way). I looked around the internet and was looking at the cheap Halloween costumes that are usually made very cheaply and fall apart after time.

Instead, I decided to go with Todd's Costumes. I was lucky, as, at the time, the vest and shirt were available as a set.  At this time, you can preorder if you so desire.  The cost was $199.00 without tax and shipping.

One thing to note about the vest is that there many pockets and loops on the screen vest. Both on the back (above) and on the front below.

The vest I purchased (shirt coming in a future video and blog post has the requisite pockets based on 1977's "A New Hope."

On the front right side of the vest, the configuration of the pocket shows the upper right pocket with an angular side pocket

The vest has a nice silky inside material that a quality vest should have. And the outside is the thickness of a coat.

While the pockets are real they do have that stitch that doesn't allow for the to open unless you cut the thread.

I ordered the vest and shirt in 2XL and I think it fits just fine.

I am not an affiliate of Todd's, however, I am supplying a link to the shirt vest combo

Let me know what you think. 

And thanks for taking a view.

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