Monday, May 18, 2020

Indiana Jones Satchel Bag Unboxing

I am starting my Indiana Jones collection.  The collection will comprise of both costuming, gear, and props.  As a young adult in the 1980s, I found the intrepid archeologist not only intriguing but with a look that was inspiring.  To start off the collection I decided to start small.  Although present in all of the films, it is usually obscured by the jacket or the whip. I am talking about Indiana Jones' satchel bag.

While the first three Indiana Jones films take place in the 1930s, the bag that he carries and uses to carry his treasures was actually a WWII surplus gas mak bag.  More specifically it was the British MKVII bag.  There were actually a few manufacturers of the bag usually in green canvas but sometimes in white or yellow.  During the war, both the infantry and the police wore this mask.  

Most of what one sees when looking at Indiana Jones is the leather strap over his shirt but the bag in many shots the bag is under the jacket. However, in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, Professor Jones wears it over the jacket.

The bag comes with a canvas strap, which is usually the same color as the bag, however, in the film, it was replaced with a leather rifle strap.  You can order the bag with or without the strap.  Mine cost me an extra $12. Once the package is opened, you will need to cut off the canvas strap and replace it with the leather one.  There is a slight trick to getting the right look to it.

After removing the Chicago screw on the end that has the loop, run that part through the left side of the metal ring, and then through the strap buckle.  Give yourself some room for adjustment (about 18 inches depending on how tall you are) and then with the secure the strap loop onto the other metal ring by replacing the screws.  Once you have it on, you can make further adjustments to the strap.  Just make sure that the strap goes from right to left and the buckle should be right about your sternum.

Here is a demo on how to do this in the video below.


While I buy my own products with my own funds, here is a link to What Price Glory's website and to the actual bag that I bought.  I ordered this right as the pandemic was realized and this still came in about a week.

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