Sunday, January 15, 2017

Frankengiraffewolf by Jeffrey Jeschke

Frankengiraffewolf was an entirely new kind of monster. It had the fangs of a vicious wolf. It partially had the head of Frankenstein. It also had the body of a very huge giraffe. This 2700-word short story introduces a whole new kind of monster. It terrorized Africa with a ruthlessness that was unheard of.

"Once upon a time a mad doctor roamed the heart of Africa searching for the perfect experiment. He was truly insane, but he was also an absolute medical genius. His name was Doctor Von Giraffenstein. He absolutely loved to experiment on cadavers and electricity. He was absolutely infatuated with the local wildlife of Africa. He especially loved giraffes. He liked how tall they were and how big they were. He also loved wolves, but he also liked human cadavers. He loved how sharp the fangs were inside of a wolf’s mouth. One night the mad genius had a very strange and mysterious dream. In that dream the mad man dream't that he created a vicious beast that was part, giraffe, and part man, along with some wolf in it. After that strange dream he was absolutely infatuated with creating such a beast. He was so infatuated he could never sleep, until he figured out a way to make his dream come true. Some say he took insanity to a whole new level."

This was and is a crazy book and fun to read. The premise is silly, but, like the author told me once, "Nothing like creating a new kind of a monster."

AudioBook Data
Written by: Jeffrey Jeschke
Narrated by: Robert Barbere
Length: 16 mins 
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:09-30-16
Publisher: Jeffrey Dale Jeschke

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