Monday, January 9, 2017

Another Vampire Story: A New Audio Book

IIn film and television there is an overabundance of vampire stories. Many have degenerated into films about a virus or a plague where the victims show symptoms of vampirism. A few, like "Dracula Untold,"  keep the supernatural flair going.  However, "Another Vampire Story," is a short story (34 minutes) by a writer by the name of Patrick Finerd

However, the story is short and simple but, shows another view of the life of a vampire. I liked the story enough to want to narrate it. Here is a short clip to let you know about the story.
"The sky grew darker than normal as I made my way home from school. The wind was whipping and howling; scattering dead leaves in all directions. The branches on the naked trees waving as the brisk cool air swirled around me. A loud boom of thunder can be heard in the near distant, followed by a steady mist of rain bouncing off all surfaces."
Although set in present day, the mood is set quickly with a sense of Gothic sensibility. 

Here are the obligatory purchase links, the book goes for less than $4.00 USD

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