Thursday, February 9, 2017

Film Makers Handbook: Create a Feature Film on a Limited Budget

Ialways wanted to be a film director,  However, in "Film Makers Handbook" author and filmmaker Walter Werner, puts the basics down in simple terms for the beginning director, producer, or anybody who wants to make a film on a limited budget.

The Film Makers Handbook is about making your very first feature film from scratch. It covers topics such as pre-production, as well as getting set up and creating your movie on a limited budget.

Also covered is the production process and everything that goes along with that massive project. The production section really helps the listener to get a grasp on how to efficiently and affordably produce his or her own feature film.
Lastly, the book goes over postproduction and how to finalize your project to turn it into a full-blown feature film.

The book closes with a brief synopsis of starting distribution of your independently created film and where to start getting the word out. Overall this is a book about how to create a feature film and do so on a budget, which would be ideal for students or first-time filmmakers.

While not the only book that I have read on this subject. Lord knows when I was younger, I had piles upon piles of books ranging from visual style, cinematography technique, to acting, sound effects, visual effects (I was infatuated with Star Wars and how Lucas and Dykstra changed filmmaking). This book is a great beginning for today's new filmmakers.

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