Monday, September 8, 2014

Infini: Science Fiction Horror Is Back

Infini: Banner | A Constantly Racing Mind

Independent filmmaker, Shane Abbess brings his concept of a science fiction horror to the big screen sometime in 2015.  I really don't like presenting something that has so little information to go on, but the trailer is thrilling, to say the least. 

Quick Synopsis:

A search and rescue team using slipstream technology to transport themselves to mining station Infini, where even space and time itself are a threat. Their mission is to save the lone survivor of a freak accident before quarantining a contaminated payload, a lethal biological weapon, set to arrive back on earth within the hour.

Of some note about casting: Luke Hemsworth, Chris and Liam's older brother stars in this film. As of yet, there is no theatrical release date. But isn't the trailer cool?

Movie Data
Genre: Sci-Fi
Year:  2015
Staring:  Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth, Bren Foster, Luke Ford, Dwaine Stevenson,  
Director: Shane Abbess
Producer(s): Sidonie Abbene, Shane Abbess, Matthew Graham, Brett Thornquest
Writer: Shane Abbess, Brian Cachia
Rating: Not Rated Yet
Running Time: Unknown
Release Date: Unknown

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