Friday, September 5, 2014

A Glimpse of Light

When one who sings towards Heaven's bright light, 
Sees dawn's mist along its lonely wet shore. 
The power wanes over time's dimming sight. 
Heaven looks down on man's sorrowful cries. 

Over the golden twilight's waning door.

Walk past the fading portal as night comes. 
Listen as the choir sings of the day, 
When all will be revealed to all men.
A new world that our Maker has ordained; 
A glimpse of tomorrow do we all see.
Passing back through the gate - locking behind. 
A ghastly figure does one see coming. 
Following back to Mother Earth's dark sea. 
Spreading out across the land like cold wind's roar. 
Settling back now before that final glimpse.
Now with a vision to regale anew. 
Of a noble, lofty, goal to reach for. 
A new chorus to be sung here on Earth. 
To lead the charge of our wild Earthly host. 
Against agents of darkness evil light.

© Robert Barbere

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