Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Jesus Incident.

And with his final breath, he cried out from the cross, 'It is finished!'

Jesus the Christ was a great Man. They mocked him as the son of God, but all he claimed was a kinship to Man. 'The Son of Man,' he said. That is the difference between gods and men - gods do not murder their children. They do not exterminate themselves.

Those who remember him travel this world over teaching peace and love. For this they suffer murder and torture and they incite great wars in his name, many bloody events even worse than what you have just seen.

Human-kind cannot learn peace until we are drenched in violence. You have to disgust ourselves beyond all anger and fear until we can learn that neither extortion nor exhortation moves a god. Then you need something to which you can cling. All this takes a long time. It is a difficult lesson.

The real lesson of worShip Is to find your own humanity and live up to it.

Lessons from 'The Jesus Incident'  by Frank Herbert  Paraphrased from pages 150 - 151.

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