Friday, March 15, 2013

I Don't Want To Be Sane

"Sane" is not free – wild is free – wild is beautiful. 

Why pretend to be tame when your soul is screaming from your head that it wants to be free.  It wants to come out of every confinement including our skulls that keep our minds confined when in fact our minds live free. We are not what’s in here but mostly what we see.  How we see things and what’s out there. 

Life has no borders and no boundaries READ IT observe it live it. 

Free yourself from man-made restrictions rules borders and boundaries limits and laws. Go ahead and let the child within live.  Let the mind be in the best state to live life to the fullest to understand that there is something bigger than the standards humans have set. 

The supernatural, the crazy, the powerful mind -- let it bring you to nirvana.  Let it bring you closer to you, closer to others, and closer to god, and closer to the spiritual mind, the non-religious, non-prejudiced non-hateful, and the non-jealous. 
These things are enemies of the mind and are other forms of bondage of the mind. 

Every day take a step to be free that’s what life is

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