Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sleeping With Your Eyes Open

Sleeping with your eyes open,
Resting your tattered brain.
Take another sip of brandy.
Snort another line of cocaine.

Hiding out in the bathroom,
Lying in the corner of the floor,
Sleeping with your eyes open.
Don’t wanna party no more.

Sleeping away a headache,
Awake, but nobody home.
Take another hit of ganja,
Just wanna be left alone.

Don’t wanna give your number.
Wanna leave the pretty girls behind
Don’t wanna drop more acid
Don’t wanna mess with your mind.

Take another shot of vodka
Here, have a sip of mine
You can’t even use your cellphone
‘Cause there is no one on the line.

Sleeping with your eyes open,
Resting your tortured brain.
Have another swig of whiskey
People think that you’re insane.

© By R. A. Barbere

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