Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baktun number 14

When the middle of the night
Turns as bright as day.
The day is without light,
No more music will play.

All the glass will windows dissolve
As your village burns down.
All your problems are solved…
Now buried below the ground.

Oceans and lakes evaporate,
Old hates are forgotten
No more city or states,
All your friendships turn rotten.

No more animals or birds.
No time for grass and trees.
No more time for wasted words
Only death blows on the breeze.

Well laid plans now spoiled,
Those of countries and of men.
Everything sacred is now soiled,
Despite the laying on of hands.

The ice is now broken,
With never ending snow
The last rights are spoken
For all life here below.

Shadows and substance
Of the dead and brave.
Wanting to refinance
A world now a grave.

Look into the mirror;
No more fears;
No more tears;
No more oracles;
No more seers.

Look into their eyes,
No more lies;
Everyone dies;
No more aged;
No more wise
When the sun falls from the sky,
The moon turns blood red.
The stars will scream out –
‘It is done!’
Your heart is filled with dread.

Day after day after day
After the last day was done
Day after day after day
A new age has begun.

© By R. A. Barbere


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