Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 is the time to Take Shelter

Are the end of days near, and it is time to "Take Shelter?"  This is a little known movie that came out in 2011 and didn't really gain much notice.  Only in 91 theaters in 144 days the film only brought in just over 3 million dollars worldwide. The film cost about 5 million to make so technically this film lost money.  In spite of these figures "Take Shelter" is actually worth the two hours of your time.  That being said, I have to warn you, that filmmaker Nichols takes a lot of care with his story in presenting it and allows the tension to grow within his characters and in his audience slowly.

Today, when someone has dreams of impending doom we tend to think the person is, if not insane, then not quite right in the head. However, long ago, if you had strange dreams about an upcoming storm or the end of the world, you may be crazy or you may be a saint. When John wrote about his revelations, early Christian church fathers took his writings and made them the last book of the New Testament. When Noah told friends and family about an upcoming flood, his neighbors thought he was crazy, but they were wrong. Early civilizations had a term for those who saw visions; they called them Shamans, today we call these people delusional. "Take Shelter" is writer and director Jeff Nichols' second film since his critically acclaimed 2007 offering titled "Shotgun Stories." "Take Shelter" is about a man who in the prime of his life is questioning not only his purpose in life as a husband and father, but also his sanity.  Read more of "Take Shelter" movie review...

Movie Data

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Year: 2011
Staring: Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain
Director: Jeff Nichols
Producer(s): Tyler Davidson, Sophia Lin,
Writer: Jeff Nichols
Rating: R
Running Time: 121 minutes
Release Date: 11/10/2011

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